ANC Considers a Street Ban for Dumpsters

Should Dumpsters be Banned ?

Wow has it come to this ! Dumpsters being banned from on street locations. It happened recently in Georgetown and Hillandale where the local ANC is weighing the pros and cons of harm caused by dumpsters out on street locations and the latest news is bans or limits on street dumpsters may be imposed by September 2014.

dumpsters on streets

The arguments for banning are largely about the size of dumpster being wider than autos parked on a street and this is taking up the valuable parking spaces. The commissioner for the area Tom Birch also argues about the safety of these immovable objects which have no lighting at night and could cause a collision even though off the main tarmac of the road. If a vehicles inadvertently moves into park at night in poorly lighted areas a collision could occur.

Dr Birch from the ANC argues “These things sit there for days with a blue cover on them and nothing gets put in them for days,”. He also makes the point that some dumpsters at building sites are sitting there for several months and use up parking space at a minimal cost.

The ANC is currently considering raising the fees to a point which will make dumpsters unattractive to hire and also placing time limits on dumpsters placed on a road.

However when one considers the valuable use of the dumpster for bulk rubbish disposal it could be a case of overkill and the cure might be worse than the complaint with rubbish remaining piled in front yard sites and building sites attracting vermin and spoiling the look of the street and there is also the added risk that some uncaring citizens may dump their bulk rubbish on a highway roadside.

Perhaps the ANC could spend their time better addressing real problems rather than a process which keeps a town tidy and vermin free.

Dumpsters For Town Cleanup

The old saying that you can read a persons character by the way they manage their room or house is also true for a town. When whole town sets out to do a cleanup and places dumpsters at strategic points for the citizens to get involved you have a town of good character. Even children were out in Witi doing their bit finding trash and delivering it to the nearest dumpster. This whole experience has been uplifting to everyone and just shows that Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

dumpster clean up

“MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Volunteers in Milwaukee are trying to take all of their neighborhood problems, and throw them away. It’s part of the third Annual Serve Your City Day.Every piece of litter Shanna Hickman picks up is helping to make a difference.“We came out with five to six bags of trash already,” says Hickman.Hickman is one of 300 walking around the Clarke Square Neighborhood, volunteering time to empower residents who live here.“For the kids to play in the trash and filth. That`s probably one of the biggest concerns to me,” says Hickman.For long-time residents, like Anthony Mercado, the trash in the streets cover a larger issue.“I grew up in this neighborhood. I`m not afraid of anybody,” says Mercado.

Three years ago, Mercado made a startling discovery while mowing his front lawn.“I heard a noise.  I hit a 38 revolver with three bullets still in the gun itself,” says Mercado.Soon after, a group called Faith Builders got involved, and started to bring about change. Organizers established the now annual Serve Your City Day.“They take pride in their neighborhood. They take pride in their houses,” says Richard Schwoegler, organizer with Faith Builders.By helping to foster ownership — safer and cleaner, like we all want out neighborhoods to be.“Our community is just like any other community.  If you want the best, you have to try the best,” says Schwoegler.Volunteers picked up in the Clarke Square and Walker’s Point Neighborhoods. In total, they filled four dumpsters full of trash.”

This is an experience that any town can duplicate. It just takes a few energised citizens to get it going by organising a dumpsters and putting them on the streets with a good sized notice board saying “this is for our town join us in the cleanup” the effects are always more than clean streets it has a refreshing of community sense and care for each other and care for their properties.


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